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Thomas B. Day Student Success Programs

TBD chartEndowed by Bernard and Doris Lipinsky, the Thomas B. Day Student Success Programs seek to ensure the success of all students at the university, by helping to provide pathways to student support services and to enriched learning opportunities (“high impact” educational practices).  In order to serve the whole student, the Thomas B. Day Student Success Programs moves beyond the boundaries of the Division of Undergraduate Studies by way of intentional partnerships with Student Affairs, the Academic Colleges, and the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies.

Residential Learning Communities.  A Residential Learning Community is an option in which first-year students live and take courses together.  Small groups of students take courses that fulfill graduate requirements and bring together students with a common interest or a common area of study, such as social justice or business.  Students in Residential Learning Communities take advantage of special academic support services and additional computer laboratories and study lounges.  Visit to learn more about this enriched housing option.

Honors Residential College.  Entering first year students accepted into the University Honors Program are required to live in the Honors Residential College in Maya Hall during their first year.  This opportunity is designed to ensure an exceptional undergraduate experience for honors students by integrating the unique components of the honors experience with the enriched advantages that Residential Learning Communities provide.
Visit to learn more about the Honors experience.

Summer “Early Start” Program (non-residential).  A special summer program features interventions designed to help designated students who begin higher education before obtaining full proficiency in basic writing and/or mathematics.

Linked Courses (non-residential).  The Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies offers a number of linked courses as a way to enrich learning experiences essential to helping students to full academic proficiency in writing and mathematics.  The particular interventions vary in response to changing student needs and profiles.  Contact RWS at 619-594-6516 to learn more.

University Seminar.  One-unit elective courses (General Studies 100) provide students with an opportunity to explore a variety of areas that define the university experience at a major comprehensive university.  In some instances, these courses are embedded within the Residential Learning Communities—including the Honors Residential College.  In other cases the courses are program-defined, for example, offered by EOP, Athletic Support Services, or the Compact Scholars Program.

High Impact Educational Practices:
Research suggests that students that participate in high-impact educational practices have higher college retention rates. These practices include activities geared to increase student engagement such as SDSU's Common Experience, study abroad, and undergraduate research.


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